Cinco de Mayo Perfect Margarita Recipe with Habernero Sugar Rim

perfect margarita recipe

Happy Cinco De Mayo 2013! I love making margaritas and my recipe has evolved into my signature cocktail. This year I decided to share my recipe via a food blog post; my very first food blog post.

Cooking is my favorite creative pursuit after photography. There is nothing more relaxing than creating a meal for friends and family. I hope to continue sharing my favorite recipes and cooking techniques in the “Life” section of the Kristen Sloan Photography blog.

Here is what you will need to make a perfect margarita!

perfect margarita recipe 2013

This recipe is quite simple. One part orange liquor, one part lime juice, one part tequila. I decided to serve this margarita up with a Habernero Sugar rim from Sugar Pill in the Capital Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Sugar Pill is an amazing foodie store with a wide assortment of gourmet spices, salts and other culinary treasures.

sugar pill seattle habernero sugar

I lined the martini glass with an even swipe of lime wedge, and then spread a little bit of the Habernero Sugar onto a small plate. Then I swirled the martini glass into the sugar mix. This sugar is HOT! Alternately I would serve these margaritas over ice in a small mexican glass tumbler.
You may have to slightly adjust the recipe proportions if your limes are not very sweet. Another variation would be to skip the orange liquor and add a little bit of agave nectar for a coin style margarita.
Now its your turn to make one, or two!

Perfect Margarita Recipe sugar pill kristen sloan photography

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